Just Imagine Design

“It is within the imagination, that real design resides.”  – Felipe Lee Simoes

Beyond the factor of science, or specs, or measurements, the limitations of materials, or the consistence of time. The imagination is a level that has no bounds. A sense of freedom, emotion,  and infinity, that the 3rd dimension we live in doesn’t have.

I have been into the whole design thing since 2002, my first year of college. The things that fascinated me most, were vectors and colours, the importance of accuracy and the endless universe that resides within my imagination.

Design Imagined

So welcome to my website

I have a few products for those that like my work, you can also check out my FaceBook page if you like (once it goes live).

Owning a little piece (or a massive something) of my imagination, starts here on my website.

Go straight to the Store, or browse around to see what I get up to. Either way, enjoy your digital stay on my digital space here 🙂


...What lies ahead, awaits...

Products and services

Usefuls for the artistic

This is my idea,, why don’t I design useful things, that you can be creative on before you build them.

From office usefuls to random cool stuff. All made from, high quality MDF mostly, that you can paint / draw on / colour how you want to.

Catch is, You build it up, you get creative on it. There are tons of things you can do, spray paint it, cover it in vinyl stickers, use markers, use a paintbrush, it’s all your idea anyway.

Artworks and downloadables

Got a design project of your own?

How about some home-made clipart, or a SketchUp model, or some vectors you can get laser cut yourself.

Truth is, I’ll always be adding to this category so check back every month or so, some fresh stuff is usually on it’s way here.


Starting from the ground up, get your new computer table with a raw MDF top, so you can go nuts spray painting it. Or choose one of the cool coating options.

Really, this is fun trust me! I tried it and had a blast!

Design Services

I have extensive experience in Logo design, WordPress website construction including wooCommerce setup etc, Sketchup model building, Business stationery and corporate required designs.

So don’t be shy, send me a message from my Contact Page with your requirements, and if I can help, I definitely will 🙂